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More Blue Link Dealer Resources can be accessed by going to http:\\ After Login, click on "Resources", then "Blue Link Resources".


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Vendor contact information for Warranty issues or Assistance
Tire companies, XM Satellite radio, HomeLink® and Bluetooth

  Tire Company Assistance

Hyundai vehicles are equipped with tires produced by:
        - BF Goodrich    (877) 788-8899
        - Bridgestone    (800) 847-3272
        - Hankook         (800) 426-8252
        - Kimho            (800) 335-8646
        - Michelin®       (800) 847-3435

If your customers have a question regarding tire service or replacement tire availability, please have them contact the appropriate tire manufacturer for assistance.

  XM Satellite Radio Warranty Assistance
       - XM Satellite Radio  (800) 967-2346 or

  HomeLink® Assistance
        - Johnson Controls   (800) 355-3515 or

  Bluetooth Assistance (PIO Overhead console BlueConnect® Bluetooth)
        - BlueConnect®      (888) 528-7930 or

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