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John Krafcik
President and Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the Sales Training Online Website.
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  • STAR Certification Requirements
    Answers all Sales Consultant and Sales Manager STAR Certification questions.

  • STAR Product Information
    Contains vehicle features, dimensions, capacities, and individual vehicle walkarounds.  Also provides links to auto manufacturers, magazines and related automotive sites, competitive information, technology videos, printable resources and much more.  Content on this site focuses on product questions a customer could ask and provides answers to key Sales Satisfaction Index topics.

  • STAR Practices
    Focuses on key Hyundai Purchase Index issues that will help you build a solid, customer focused presentation while encouraging you to develop excellent presentation habits.  Content on this site was developed from discussions with top performing dealers, successful sales people and noted automotive training leaders.  Following these “best practices” will translate into increased sales volume and improved customer satisfaction.

These resources are powerful tools.  They provide the product information and sales practices you need to become a top sales achiever while delivering excellent customer service.

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